12 December 2022

Company moved to newly built facilities in Marshal, VA with 10,000 sq.ft. of production space and four test bays 1,000 sq. ft. allowing long-term tests of the plasma systems up to 500 kW power each. Two bays are equiped by APT-125 and APT-250 RF plasma systems focused on optimization of the boron nitride nanotubes production capacity and testing of the aerospace thermal protection materials

15 December 2015

The second volume of the PAC book is published as planned and now available in printed format at Amazon and through any book store worldwide. This two-year effort of 14 main contributing authors from 5 countries continues providing fundamental knowledge in this fast growing branch of science.

23 - 26 June 2014

The 9th International Conference on Plasma Assisted Technologies (ICPAT) has been held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

15 June 2013

The first volume of book on Plasma Assisted Technologies is now available in printed and e-formats at Amazon. Over 30 co-authors from 7 countries have contributed their research results to this first in the field book. The second volume is planned to be published in 2015.

18 - 21 February 2013

Steering Committee of the 8th International Conference on Plasma Assisted Technologies (ICPAT), which has been held in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, from 18-21 February, 2013 reports the main results:

• 12 successful sessions and 12 round tables with open discussions

• 60 presentations

• over 60 attendees from 12 countries: Belarus, Brasil, Columbia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, the Ukraine, the United States, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Taiwan.

• exciting cultural program including Carnival Winner's Parade and one day city tour

• ICPAT-9 will be organized by IPTC in cooperation with APT, LLC and take place on June 23 - 26 in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Book on Plasma Assisted Technologies

IPTC plans to publish the first in a field book on Plasma Assisted Combustion in 2013.

This book will be the world’s first collection of fundamental knowledge, modeling and experimental investigations results, design, prototyping, and commercialization of new products, visions of future prospects for the technology, and trends in a new field of science - plasma assisted combustion (PAC). It will be addressed to a wide audience, from science and engineering students to researchers, and industry specialists.

The book will consist of two parts and will be written by an international team of over 30 recognized specialists from the USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and other countries.

This book is a non-commercial project of a non-profit organization International Plasma Technology Center, Corp. (USA), which invites the leading specialists in the field to make free contributions for the illumination of this topic. This is our first experience in this area of knowledge with such wide coverage and such a large international team of co-authors. This endeavor also involves considerable work, but will result in honor for all participants.

To contribute your research results, provide funancial support, or order printed books with hard covers, please contact chief editor Dr. Igor Matveev at or by phone: +1-703-340-5545.

October 21, 2009

- International Plasma Technology Center (IPTC) has been incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA

IPTC organises the 8th International Conference on Plasma Assisted Technologies (ICPAT-8) to be held 18-21 February, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil