IPTC has a mission and we believe in that mission. We believe that moving from a technocratic society to a more-scientific society through advanced research and education is the only remaining alternative for our planet’s development. We believe that a scientific society can be built on a solid worldwide technological platform by reaching out to and organizing a critical mass of highly educated people. We strongly believe that such a scenario can help us avoid wars, disasters, and diseases. IPTC has a strategy and we follow that strategy. We work hard to investigate new processes, develop new technologies, spread our knowledge and vision, and help to raise up a new generation of engineers and scientists. We do that worldwide, without borders, national or religious preferences, and no regard to race, ethnicity, gender or sexual preference.

IPTC wants to become a self-supporting institution with up-to-date research and production facilities. Within 2020-2021 we plan to accumulate at least $2,500,000 to start construction of the first 10,000 sq. ft. unit of the Plasma Center. It will be located on a 87-acre parcel of wooded forest and farmland in the Northern Virginia just about 30 miles from Dulles International Airport and 40 miles from Washington, D.C.

Main zones of the Plasma Center:

• 4-6 MW Solar farm (20-30 acres). New power features: 1 kHz, 10 kV

• R&D zone (5-7 acres)

• Living and recreation (30-40 acres)

• Greenhouse (0.5 acres)

• Sturgeon farm (0.5 acres)

R&D zone

• Main building (~ 20,000 sq. feet of offices, meeting rooms, design, production, shipping, air separation, water supply, etc.)

• RF plasma facility

• Laboratory of new and nano-structured materials

• Plasma diagnostics and modeling laboratory

• Plasma gasification laboratory

• Laboratory for planetary life support systems

As any start-up company, IPTC needs initial support. This support in forms such as financial contributions, donation of equipment, software, experimental and diagnostic tools, cooperation in marketing and advertising, spreading our Plasma Credit Card, publishing, technical work, and other activities will be greatly appreciated. We also consider the idea of establishing an Investment Revolving Fund, which will initially provide loans for development of demonstration samples of new technologies and will be happy to cooperate with potential investors.

Please contact Dr. Igor Matveev: +1-703 340 5545
or for questions and offers.
Thank you for your understanding and support.